The 6 reasons to become a pilot in Malaysia

The 6 reasons to become a pilot in Malaysia

One of the most talked about careers in social media circles, especially among today’s youth, is the aviation industry. With their Rayban aviator frames and shoulders adorned with epaulettes, commercial airline pilot are considered truly stylish. Have you ever been interested in aviation? Join us as we take an in-depth look at why you should consider become airline pilot in Malaysia.

The pilots are well paid

It has become common for recent graduates to complain about their insufficient scholarship. Since the average recent college graduate earns between RM2,000 and RM3,000, it is clear why this happens.

However, pilots earn above-average salaries. Depending on which airline pilot you are joining, a rookie 2nd officer can earn round RM9,000 and upwards. (Note that your course will cost more than RM320,000).

The pilots set off on a journey

Yes, we know it’s obvious. The riders arrive for the ride – amazing! Pilots have to visit several countries throughout their career, and many flights are stopovers, meaning they have to spend a night or two at their destination before flying back. This leaves little time to explore. Oh yes, pilots also often stay in luxury hotels and receive a flat-rate travel allowance – quite the package.

A pilot’s office has unparalleled prospects

Even if you have incredible views from your office on the top floor of a skyscraper or facing a crystal clear ocean, no one has a better view from your office than a pilot. Clouds that stretch for miles, the rising and setting of the sun, its rays spreading through the air plane pilot creating colors beyond imagination. Yes, you can’t live up to the pilot’s job point of view unless you’re an astronaut.

Pilots are in demand

The two most popular aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, predict that 617,000 new pilot’s job will be needed by 2035. Yes, there will be more demand for flight school graduates than for part-time job graduates. But the rapid growth of the airline pilot’s job industry bodes well for the future for those who want to take the plunge.

Incentive travel for the family

Airline pilot and their immediate family can enjoy deep discounts on airline tickets, making that next family vacation that much more affordable.

Cadet pilot programs

If the cost of pilot training is too high or the uncertainty of finding a job is too risky for you, both AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines offer a good alternative with their cadet pilot programs. This will help you get student loans and secure a job after you graduate. On the other hand, the Malaysia Airlines Cadet train to be a pilot Program is fully sponsored – you pay for it in the form of a monthly salary deduction after you graduate and start flying for the airline pilot.

Becoming a train to be a pilot is not an easy career, nor is it cheap. The long, strange hours can be overwhelming for some, but for those willing to defy the odds, the rewards are truly tantalizing. Want to learn more about becoming a pilot in Malaysia? Now you can join as become a pilot. Airline pilot

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